Meet Tony Pepper – Senior Software Installation Engineer

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Tony Pepper has been working at Windowlink for the past 25 years and for the past 3 years in the new offices in Gloucester. His role within the company has evolved over the past 25 years and he is now the Senior Software Installation Engineer.Tony Head shot

Tony has a background in window manufacturing which makes him perfect for the role he is currently working in. He has a good level of understanding with regard to the manufacturing processes involved in window production and can therefore assist window manufacturers in their day to day processes through the use of Windowlink’s software Focus.

Tony has a variety of skills that he brings to his role within Windowlink including Information technology skills, programming, coding and development. When you add these skills to the skills he gained from working within window manufacturing, you can see why Tony is such an asset to the Windowlink team.

For Tony, working within Windowlink is a pleasure, every day is different and the team have great camaraderie. There is plenty of friendly banter around the office and everyone gets on very well.

Tony gets great satisfaction when he has managed to help a company solve a technical issue. He enjoys making the software bespoke to the needs of individual companies and takes great pride in completing jobs to the best of his ability.

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