Kestrel – the business manager for everyone who sells windows


Kestrel is our new online business manager that’s the perfect tool for window, door and conservatory installation companies. It’s been specially designed by our Windowlink software experts with help from many of our Focus and Vector users to help you manage leads, workloads and customer relationships.

Here’s our list of some of the top tools in Kestrel and how they help make your life easier.

Lead and Contract management

Kestrel helps you to manage your leads, and make sure that the correct sales process is followed for every lead. It means that every customer gets the same great service from your company, no matter who gets in touch with them.

Fully linked to Focus & Vector

Kestrel is fully linked to Windowlink Focus & Vector window and conservatory sales software, so you can import leads and jobs direct. It means there’s no doubling up on data entry, so there’s a smoother process from quoting jobs to booking in an installation date.


The Kestrel system is browser-based and mobile-friendly, so you can have full access, anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. It means it’s great for sales teams out on the road and remote workers as well as office and showroom staff.

Kestrel iPad

Call-logs & relationship management

We’ve all had those days where we forget to call someone who was expecting us to get in touch. Kestrel makes sure that can’t happen. The integrated CRM helps you to manage customer relationships, make notes and schedule follow-up calls that are then pulled through to your to-do list when you log-in to Kestrel. You’ll never lose a phone number, email address or message again!


Keeping diaries in sync can be a minefield, especially when you factor in annual leave or training days. The Kestrel scheduler has two functions. It can be used like a normal diary – great for team members who have multiple appointments in a day.

It’s also designed to work as a resource scheduler – in effect, your online ‘T’ card or whiteboard, so you can see where the whole team is on any day. This Team Manager tool makes booking installations and survey visits a much smoother job for everyone.

Dashboard – personalised to you

Your Kestrel Dashboard can be personalised so it shows the information that’s more important to you. If you’re a sales manager, you might choose to have the business analytics. Or if you’re out on the road selling, your call list will probably be the most important thing for you. With Kestrel, it’s all there on your dashboard, ready to go.

To-do lists

Another great tool is the task menu. It’s basically your personalised to-do list so that you never miss a call, an appointment or a deadline. It’s the first thing you see when you log-in to Kestrel, making it the perfect programme for keeping you and your team on track.

The tasks function can be set-up to follow your internal processes, so once the first job is ticked off, it will trigger the next step in the process. There are also critical stage reminders to help you keep on top of projects. It’s a fantastic project management tool and helps your team work more collaboratively together.

Reports on your business

As a director, the reporting tool will be your best friend. It’s a full job reporting suite that helps you to monitor sales, costs and margins as well as identifying product and consumer trends. It’s real-time, job-by-job, cost-analysis so that you can find way to run your business more effectively and efficiently.

All adapted to suit your business

Kestrel is the flexible online business manager, so you can choose what’s most important to you and your business.

For more information, or to request a demo, call us now on 01452 348575 or click here

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  1. David France

    Can you please tell me the cost for Kestral?


    David France

  2. Phil Sharpe

    Hi can i use this on more than one device as a single user ?



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